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September 2024 BOE Meeting Recap


  • Held public hearing on the Nodaway County Enhanced Enterprise Zone Addendum. Approved Addendum to Nodaway County Enhanced Enterprise Zone

  • Approved contract with the Area Cooperative of Education Services to provide educational support

  • Approved program reviews for federal programs (Special Education, Parents as Teachers,, and Title programs)

  • Heard citizen comments in regards to a possible school sponsored Pre-K class

  • Discussed board refresher training and given an update on CSIP Goal 2 related to developing and retaining effective teachers

  • Elementary principal reported enrollment increased by 1 student and successful Title I Parent Meeting

  • 7-12 enrollment is down 11 students with a larger class of 2023 and smaller 7th grade

  • Approved policy updates 

  • Accepted two grants for pre-kindergarten: Missouri Quality Pre-K grant and Patterson Family Foundation grant.  These grants will provide approximately $250,000 toward a Pre-K classroom and expenses.

  • Approved providing pre-kindergarten services starting in January 2024.  Information and stakeholder meetings will be available soon.  Enrollment information and teaching position openings will be posted soon.  

  • Long range planning committee will meet this October 4 to continue to re-evaluate facility needs and goals.

  • NEXT REGULAR MEETING: October 18 at 6:00 PM 

  • More information on the meeting and board of education agendas can be found at: 

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