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June 2024 BOE Meeting Recap

  • Set federal meal program prices for the 2024-2025 school year.  Elementary breakfast - $1.90, HS breakfast - $2.10, Elementary lunch - $2.65, HS lunch - $2.95.  School district lunch costs increased $0.34 per meal and breakfast increased $0.20 per meal for 24-25.  

  • Received an update on summer facility projects including: softball lights install in July, softball fence install in July, football bleachers in July, elementary LED light replacement undergoing, gym floor refinish in fall 2024, and building welding area upgrade summer 2024.  Other bond projects will take place in summer 2025.

  • Approved professional development plan for 2024-2025 including work on school-wide positive behavior support, data-based decision making in classrooms, critical thinking, and developing assessment capable learners, as well as required training throughout the year.

  • 100% of the district’s school buses passed Highway Patrol inspection.  On average, 88% of the buses statewide pass inspection.

  • Accepted Clean School Bus Rebate for $1,750,000.  Will provide 5 electric buses and charging infrastructure at no cost to the district.  More information available at the district office if there are any questions.

  • Approved a budget for the 2024-2025 school year that included an average 12% increase to non-certified staff compensation, 5.18% increase to certified staff compensation, and operating budget has a $350,000 deficit.  Current district operative fund reserve is around 70% and that amount is budgeted to decrease to 64%.  

  • Accepted resignation of HS Counselor Jessica Maschino and Agriculture Teacher Reese Zollman.

  • Offered Alec Summers a teacher contract for the 24-25 school year to teach social studies.

  • Hired Cody Green as Head HS Softball Coach

  • NEXT REGULAR MEETING: July 17, 2024 at 6:00 PM

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